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I happen to hold my third iteration of the “Frontend Tooling with Grunt and Yeoman” workshop at this years JavaScript Days in March. It’s in Munich, so if you happen to be bear this lovely town, drop by and learn a lot about different JavaScript technologies.

This year, they also have track soley dedicated to Angular JS, held by my friends over at Symetics.

Also, a bunch of friends are there, including Jens Grochtdreis and Peter Kröner. I really look forward to see them again.

If you’re curious what’s in with my half-day workshop, feel free to take a look at the slides from the last year’s iteration. I constantly keep updating the contents to the current eco-system (also including some Gulp), plus giving a good look at the things to come:

And if you happen to stay a tad longer in Munich, we might see each other at the beer festival the day after.

If you want the workshop for the guys at your office and in private, don’t hesitate to e-Mail me.

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