Serverless Rust

Serverless Rust

Stefan Baumgartner

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If you run your software in the cloud, you might have already done some Serverless programming. Be it either as glue code that connects existing services or for your entire web API.

In developing Serverless, you soon realize that your application’s performance – and subsequently the money you pay for it – depends a lot on your function’s speed and the memory you use. Two factors the Rust programming language is really good at!

In this talk, we are going to look at how to run Serverless workloads in Rust in Azure Functions and AWS Lambda. In doing so, we will see the fundamental differences between both Serverless providers, and what effect this has on your applications!

Workshop version #

There is a workshop version of this talk. Additionally to the contents of the talk, we look at:

  • Deep-dive into the nitty-gritty of Azure Functions and AWS Lambda
  • Navigating around Azure and AWS
  • Developing Serverless with the Azure Functions CLI
  • Durable Functions
  • Using the Serverless Framework
  • GitHub Actions for Serverless CI
  • Strategies to develop Rust functions locally

Target audience: People who are interested in Serverless

Expected workshop duration: Half-day, full-day


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