Rust for Java Developers

Rust for Java Developers

Stefan Baumgartner

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In an unexpected turn of events I’m now speaking at Java events, mostly about Rust, though. And it’s fun. It’s great to discuss programming languages with other folks and figure out similarities. The slide deck contains roughly 100 slides, but I usually show just a subset based on the time I have available.

This talk is also know as “Rust for curious developers”, why reduce ourselves to Java?


  • Microsoft Security Response Center

    A detailed article on how 70% of CVEs are related to memory safety issues

  • Google Security Blog

    A detailed article on how 70% of severe security bugs are memory safety issues in Google Chrome

  • The Billion Dollar Mistake

    Tony Hoare on how he consideres null references were a bad idea

  • Exercism

    Rust exercises with arbitrary problems, helping you to focus on the language

  • Rust for Rustaceans

    Advanced Learnings on Rust. I recommend the chapter on the borrow checker and lifetimes

  • Rustlings

    Exercises for Rust

  • Rust Linz

    Our Rust meetup, with lots of talks for beginners and people who want to know more

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