Microservices with Rust and Tokio

Microservices with Rust and Tokio

Stefan Baumgartner

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Slides and Materials for a workshop on how to write microservices in Rust.

Workshop Contents:

  • Introduction to Tokio
    • Asynchronous Rust in-depth
    • Tokio as a library and ecosystem
    • Using channels
    • Helper macros like select! and join!
  • Axum from the ground up
    • Custom Handlers
    • Global State
    • FromRequest and IntoResponse
    • Extractors
  • Custom Tower services for Axum
    • Logging
    • Timeouts
    • Working with tower_http
  • Tracing and Monitoring
    • Instrumenting
    • Async gotchas
    • Open Telemetry
  • Builds and Deployments

Each chapter concludes with tasks for the audience.

Target audience: People with familiarity in Rust and basic networking (TCP, HTTP; knowing what a web-server does).

Expected workshop duration: full-day, 2-day


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