Remake. Remodel. Part 2

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@grigs said I should blog, so I'm going to take this thing seriously now. I spent the last few days (finally) creating a new look for my website. With the advent of flat designs I think I'm able to create at least one style that doesn't fail completely. And actually I'm pretty happy with it.

I just had one big constraint in developing the new templates: Use as much of the standard Twentytwelve Wordpress markup as possible. Which means: Just change the CSS. It worked out ... okay, for the most part.

Things like my need to put the search bar somewhere else or to feature the social channels a little more took some time in the backend, but other than that a lot was created by just scrapping the original CSS and replacing it with my own.

Nonetheless, having not developed CMS solutions for about one and a half year, I was pretty overwhelmed by all those options and template parts available now in Wordpress and almost got lost in all the different includes and template tags available.

Well, whatever, I think it's good for now, though I wished templating for a blog platform would be easier. That's why I've an eye on Ghost, which I discovered today after a tweet by Scott Jehl. WordPress is a full fledged CMS by now, and maybe we need something a little more focussed again.

Check out their video and try some parts on their website. Very promising!

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Remake, Remodel.

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